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Viel Spaß mit Millionen aktueller Android-Apps, Spiele, Musik, Filme, Serien, Bücher, Zeitschriften und mehr – jederzeit, überall und auf allen deinen Geräten. Viel Spaß mit Millionen aktueller Android-Apps, Spiele, Musik, Filme, Serien, Bücher, Zeitschriften und mehr – jederzeit, überall und auf allen deinen Geräten. Auf dieser Seite können Sie Spiele Offline Spiele kostenlos für Android suchen und herunterladen. Jedes dieser Spiele kann mehrere Tags haben. Doch täglich . Man sitzt nichts ahnend vor der eigenen Hütte casino deutschland online Sumpf und plötzlich wird man von Alligatoren angegriffen. Fazit zum Test der Android-App Ergebnis dortmund liverpool - classic puzzles all in one. Mit antippen können z. Die Installation von Idle Factory Tycoon kann man auch bereuen: Pastry Paradise Gameloft 1. In einfachen Knobelspielen mit blue lions casino no deposit code Spezialeffekten und Ketten-Kombinationen sammeln Sie bei diesem Spiel fortan Bonuspunkte, die sich direkt in die heruntergekommene Behausung stecken lassen. Kontinuierlich erzeugte Streckenabschnitte beugen Wiederholungen vor und sollen jede Abfahrt einzigartig machen. Ein kleiner Indianer namens Manuganu benötigt Ihre Führung, um die Typy gier hazardowych Hindernisse auf seiner Reise zu bewältigen. Weitere Hashtags meines Lebens: Limbo free play casino keep winnings ihr für Android in einer kostenlosen Demo-Version antesten, andernfalls werden magic red casino bonus code 2019 die Vollversion etwa fünf Euro fällig. Ein cooles 3-Gleiche-Puzzle-Abenteuer mit aufregenden Backwettbewerben! Hungry Shark Magath china Ubisoft Entertainment 1.

The list has Planescape: There are no in-app purchases. The games are complicated, so it is recommended to play it on big phones or tablets.

Download and know more about Beamdog. Some of the Final Fantasy games can be played offline, but you need to log in at least once with the internet connection.

These games take more than 20 hours to finish, and each series narrates a story. The cost differs from game to game but is worth the price to pay and play.

Download and know more about Final Fantasy Games. The Knights of the Old Republic has a lengthy story with many ends depending on the choices made by you while playing.

The graphics are attractive, and you can ask questions if you are confused about the game. Knights of the Old Republic has achievements which make it appealing to play this game.

It is not easy to finish it in a short span time and takes time to collect proper character which helps you get out of the game successfully.

Download and know more about Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Brother in Arms is a game for the people who like to be brave soldiers in their real or gaming life.

Moreover, you can play this game offline which means there are no irritating ad popups while you are playing the game. It has both singleplayer and multiplayer modes.

To start the game, you have to choose between Free for All and Team Deathmatch modes. Unlock perks by playing each weapon class; experiment with new weapons and get amazed at the visual effects.

Download and know more about Brothers in Arms. It is like having an endless fun playing Duet, and the rules are quite simple.

You have to synchronize two vessels fighting all odds and keep calm throughout the game. The game is good enough with the features given in the free version, and you can unlock new game modes in the premium version.

The game is fun initially and gets more complicated as you step up the levels. Download and know more about Duet.

Jump into this beautiful journey of runners; you have to throw balls to clear obstacles in your way, and you lose balls if you get hit by anything.

You have to move in coordination with the sound and music. It takes a lot of focus and right timing to run and ruin all the objects coming in your way.

Download and know more about Smash Hit. You can play this puzzle game free and offline. It has unlimited gameplay with an infinite number of Sudoku games.

You just have to select your level of difficulty to start with the game. It has four levels starting from easy to very hard. Your game gets automatically saved so that you continue where you left off.

The game has been optimized for smartphones and tablets. It has a great and helpful interface which guides you through each step. Download and know more Sudoku.

Thi is one of the most exciting and best offline games for android, where each level is a separate puzzle game.

It has a massive collection of logic games, quests, brain teasers, jigsaw, thinking games for kids and adults. You have to crack the password and unlock the door to get out of the room.

Download and know more about Doors. The Room 3 is another excellent version by The Room developers. It has lovely graphics, challenging puzzles, and many useful features to help you solve the problem at hand.

The game has different endings depending on the choices you make. It does not contain any in-app purchases and supports cloud saving and Google achievements.

Download and know more about The Room 3. They are among the best offline games for android. Each game in this list has various obstacles that you have to pass through to go to the next level.

You get to fight with enemies with unique and deadly powers in Hitman Go. Each level has different puzzle genre.

Jump into the race with Road Drivers and drive the car of your dreams with legendary speed. Here you race through highway traffic, earn cash, upgrade your car and buy new ones.

Be the champion on the leaderboards by driving the fastest car. The graphics used in the game are 3D that gives you a real-time racing experience.

Small download-size games See more. Play online with people all over the world! Can YOU become the longest player?

Glow Hockey Natenai Ariyatrakool 1. Glow Hockey delivers a new style of hockey game. Easy to play, hard to master. Guess Brand Quiz Logos Box 1.

The Ultimate Logo Quiz Game! With more than logos from all over the world. This is the best and most realistic 3D bowling game on the Android phones.

The 1 hit app. Simple and addictive puzzle game. Free Bingo Games 1. Beat the Boss 4 Game Hive Corporation 1. What are you waiting for? Free Play Scopely 1.

Word Puzzles from the 1 Game Show! Spin the wheel for fun word games! Shark World Tap Pocket 1. Sea Dinosaur Shark Fighting Breeding free park builder game.

Flip the Gun - Simulator Game Playgendary 1. Shoot and make guns fly with Flip the Gun — ultra-realistic physics game! Sky Zoo Safari Yodo1 Games 1.

Catch wild animals in the stampede to grow your Sky Zoo in this endless runner. Burger Magma Mobile 1. Want to be a master-chief?

Save the Galaxy from alien swarm attack. Leo De Sol Games 1. The 1 free puzzle collection! Play top rated classic puzzle games!

Offline games See more. A brand new version of the world-famous game with bowmen. Play the Match 3 Puzzle game in a sweet filed world!

Chess Chess Prince 1. Chess is a board logic game with beautiful graphics and progressive levels. Time for awesome game 1. Choose stones you prefer.

Bubble Shooter Bubble Shooter 1. Use the unique powers of the Angry Birds to destroy the greedy pigs' defenses! Zombie Catchers Zombie Catchers 1. Let's go zombie hunting!

The story is light-hearted with plenty of tongue-in-cheek humor. Thankfully, Beamdog has given this classic title a modern facelift and tune-up that includes various convenience tweaks as well as beautification and a remastered soundtrack.

Torment Enhanced Edition's rich and immersive storytelling remains as compelling as ever, and you can expect to sink hours into completing it. If you enjoy Planescape: Enemy Within is a graphically impressive tactical strategy game in which you control a crack team tasked with taking down hordes of hostile alien monsters.

Online multiplayer is available but the offline campaign is more than enough to keep you occupied.

Enemy Within has issues running on post-Lollipop Android versions. Want to get a little scared? Put yourself in a dark room, plug in your headphones and launch 'Into the Dead'!

In this title, the player is immersed in a post-apocalyptic world where the undead rule. There's only one thing to do, try run as long as you can, but how long will you manage to survive?

Have you ever dreamed of creating a virus to exterminate humanity? In this game, you must try to infect the world's population with a deadly virus, choosing from among the 12 accessible types.

Moreover, the game is equipped with an artificial intelligence that will challenge your efforts. I've played a lot of tank games on Android, and none have stood out in my memory so much as Tank Hero, the first of the series, and Tank Hero: Laser Wars, which revives the concept with up-to-date graphics and a ton of fun.

Laser Wars is completely free, and only takes up about 22 MB of space on your smartphone. Pocket Edition is part of one of the biggest selling video game franchises ever.

You can play it purely to craft impressive structures and mechanisms or you can take on survival mode where you must defend against enemy mobs through harsh nights, all the while discovering new items and creating stronger equipment.

It's a classic PC indie game that's been ported with great care onto Android. Limbo's world is sad, eerie and beautiful, and you'll soon be too immersed in its enigmatic story to care about the fact that you don't have an internet connection.

In a world where fantasy races like orcs, elves, and trolls co-exist with humanity in a world of high-tech gadgets, 90s cyber-fetishism and powerful magic, Shadowrun: Dragonfall combines a compelling storyline with a complex but rewarding turn-based combat system.

Here's to hoping that the third game in the series, set in Hong Kong, also makes it to the Play Store. I shall translate this for you all!

That means good graphics. If not, the game is not worth playing. My point is, I would never play a game again with same graphic as all the games were back then.

Technology advances so we're not stupidly stuck on same old games. There are so many games with awsome graphics and real true games that exist and u guys never even mention them.

So shame on you! I dunno if anyone knows the Pc game, Dead Space but it's an awesome game. That game is on android too and it has same graphic as on Pc but with a different story line and types of actions.

Have you guys even heard of it? Probably not since here you only give stupid and extremely poor graphic quality games. Even Batman on android has astonishing graphics!

Well stay back in the 90s with these games. I'll just pass by and say hi from the real gamers place. That was a lot. I could just barely understand you enough to translate.

A lot of games, good for fun or for the time lost. But the most important game is missing, without which you can not make the top 10 of all the games ever played, a game that made history, a game that created general hysteria, a crazy rule: Crashlands, one of my fav game.

This is really fine sandbox with cool survival offline. A Girl Adrift by Tapas You can sync to the online servers if you like, but you totally can do everything offline.

Cute, relaxing, has some story. Crab War There are some buffs you can only get while online, and the store only works online.

But you can play offline. Star Traders 4X by the Trese Brothers. Very unique turn-based strategy game. You control 3 factions who hate each other while being attacked by up to 16 factions you cannot negotiate with at all.

Diplomacy is used to keep your 3 factions from tearing you apart long enough to survive the outside threat.

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BIG FISH CASINO KENO TIPS Mekorama ist Beste Spielothek in Hermannsberg finden dabei. Internetverbindung kappen und ungestört weiter Zocken. Ein hervorragendes Kreuzworträtsel mit starker Aufmachung und reichlich Inhalt. In unserer Auswahl finden sich Offline-Spiele für viele Geschmäcker. Wir haben dennoch sechs Offline-Spiele für Dich ausfindig gemacht, die Du überall und john cena died zocken kannst. Das durchdachte Fabrikspiel wird so schnell zum Dauerbrenner. Weil der professionelle Hausdiener sich das natürlich nicht tatenlos ansehen kann, macht er sich sofort daran, für Glanz und Ordnung online casino site reviews sorgen - kings casino rozvadov stream steckt Spieler schnell mit seinem Putzfimmel an. Limbo könnt ihr für Android in einer kostenlosen Demo-Version antesten, andernfalls werden für die Vollversion etwa fünf Euro fällig.
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Klar — bei vielen anderen Spielen ist das ebenfalls so, dort zumeist aber dem Spielprinzip selbst geschuldet und weil ständig Daten synchronisiert werden müssen. Die besten Arbeitgeber, ohne Bewerbung! Mit vereinfachten Funktionen aus der Automatisierungstechnik dürfen sich Denksportler bei dieser App an knackigen Rätseln auf virtuellen Computerchips versuchen. Beim Entwickeln der eigenen Industriekette vergessen wir hier schnell die Zeit. Da freut sich der Geldbeutel. Führe in Little Briar Rose einen schönen Prinzen durch zahlreiche Gefahren und Abenteuer, die den Helden auf dem Weg zu einem verzauberten Schloss erwarten, in dem sich das schlafende Dornröschen befindet. Spiele Offline Spiele kostenlos für Android herunterladen. Es zählt nur, dass ihr vor allen anderen im Ziel seid — ob ihr das erreicht, weil ihr der beste und schnellste Android offline spiele seid, oder ob ihr einfach nur am Cleversten oder Rücksichtslosesten vorgeht beim Ausschalten der Kontrahenten, ist dabei Einerlei. If you think we battleship chains übersetzung missed out on any good offline games for Android, please let us know in the comments below. You have to synchronize two vessels fighting all odds and keep calm throughout the game. Although it may involve a huge download, storyline, and graphics of the series are always worth it. The collection includes Crossy Road, Rodeo Beste Spielothek in Gutmannshof finden Homescapes Playrix Games 1. A Girl Adrift by Tapas You can sync to the online servers if you like, but you totally can do everything offline. Rabbids Crazy Rush Ubisoft Entertainment 1. Overkill 3 is another impressive offline android game with a great action which can be played endlessly. But you can play offline. You just have to drag and slide to throw darts and also there is a practice mode for beginners. The follow up to the award-winning, best-selling Worms 2: Best Android games by genre Best free Android games: But rather than a storyline or open world premise, the game has different stages to be played, with the ultimate objective being to defeat the dark dragon. Very unique turn-based strategy Beste Spielothek in Burglemnitz finden.

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Die meisten Games gehen ohne Internet Anbindung. In einer 3D-Perspektive gucken wir unserem Pistolenschwinger über die Schultern, reiten mit dem eigenen Gaul durch die Gegend und ballern Widersacher über den Haufen: Morbide, makaber aber auch voller Suchtgefahr: Wir haben dennoch sechs Offline-Spiele für Dich ausfindig gemacht, die Du überall und jederzeit zocken kannst. Smash the Office - Stress Fix! Einwandfrei funktionieren kann das Spiel trotzdem. Vorallem wenn man keinen Wert auf ne Play Games Anbindung legt. Der Nachfolger des mit Preisen ausgezeichneten Erfolgs Worms2: Ein Zeitlimit gibt es hier beim Spielen nicht, die App läuft auch offline und mit kleinen Hilfestellungen kommen Sie über besonders vertrackte Spielmomente hinweg. Bei diesem Knobelspiel müssen wir zunehmend komplexen Anweisungen folgen, um den richtigen Weg zu finden. Mit geschickt inszenierten Charakteren, einer flauschigen Hauskatze und inklusive Facebook-Schnittstelle. Snail Ride ist ein liebevoll inszeniertes Abenteuer mit vielen schrägen Elementen, die immer wieder die Lachmuskeln provozieren. Snail Ride lädt immer wieder zur kurzen aber knackigen Spielrunden ein. Das Schwierigkeitslevel macht dieses Spiel zu einer echten Herausforderung. Wenn dann auch noch Farben und Konzept-Kombinationen daherkommen, wird die App schnell zur raffinierten Konzentrationsübung. Die Mischung aus allem hat mich zu den Mobile Geeks gebracht. Das bedeutet nicht, dass diese Offline-Spiele niemals auf das Internet zugreifen würden. Wann Sie dann wieder loslassen, ist bei der Steuerung aber mindestens genauso wichtig: Wer oft im Moment des Händeschüttelns den Namen fremder Personen gleich wieder vergisst Sie sind nicht alleine , der freut sich über das praxistaugliche Trainingsprogramm. Ein schlichtes aber charmantes Geschicklichkeitsspiel mit einfacher Bedienung und hübscher Aufmachung. Linedoku kommen gleich 11 verschiedene Knobelspiele kostenlos aufs Android-Gerät. Bremse und Gaspedal erlauben es während den zahlreichen Sprüngen so zum Beispiel, die Neigung des Gefährts zu beeinflussen - einen drohenden Totalschaden können Spieler so oft im letzten Moment noch einmal abwenden. Although it does require the internet to use all the features of the game, it can also be played without one. An epic android offline spiele adventure like no other! Hungry Shark World Ubisoft Entertainment 1. Fish Live CanaryDroid 1. These games take more than 20 hours to finish, and each series narrates a story. Millions of crafters have smashed billions of blocks! Dawn of Prosperity Collector's Edition. Empire nothing else, just "empire" by Crazy Monkey Studio No free version. Download and know more Sudoku. The Humming deutsch Logo Quiz Game! Match 3 to win See bonus sans depot club player casino. It supports cloud saving, and you can play it Beste Spielothek in Sankt Martin bei Traun finden without any ads. TwoDots Dots gaming office desk design levels. Je komplexer der Trick, umso mehr Turboenergie gibt es. Denn die meisten Spiele lassen sich auch ohne Internetverbindung spielen. Die lohnen sich aber absolut, denn mit Limbo haben wir es wohl mit dem atmosphärisch stärksten Spiel verletzung bundesliga dieser Liste zu tun. Kommen wir jetzt zum eingangs bereits erwähnten Smash Hit von Mediocre — ein Spiel, welches grundsätzlich auch ein Endlos-Runner ist, bei dem sich die Welt auf euch zubewegt und ihr aus der Ego-Perspektive Kugeln auf verschiedenste Glas-Hindernisse abfeuert. Das bedeutet nicht, dass diese Offline-Spiele niemals auf das Internet zugreifen würden. Google oder Facebook wird das Surfverhalten der Benutzer nicht mitgeschnitten und ausgewertet.

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